Our Studios

Neve_Pro Tools.jpg

Studio A

Dubbed "The Hunting Lodge", Whitewater's spacious Studio A is based around a 16-channel Neve 5465 console feeding Pro Tools 12HD and Logic Pro X. The pine framing, Edison lights, and rustic touches create an inspiring vibe for creating and recording, and the acoustic tuning they conceal works in conjunction with the Genelec 1031As and Yamaha NS-10s to provide precise, balanced monitoring that translates. The control room is 15x17 and stocked with lots of noise making and sound sculpting analog gear, guitar pedals, and keyboards. The live room is 10x15 and features a wide assortment of vintage drum kits, snares, and cymbals. Monitoring is through Dangerous and Hearback systems, and plug-ins include Native Instruments, Waves, Soundtoys, UAD, FabFilter, Sonnox, and more.


Studio B

Whitewater's Studio B features a Yamaha C2 baby grand piano and is frequently used as a writing and production room. While the setup is smaller than A and C, Studio B features a full Pro Tools 12/Logic Pro X through a UA Apollo 8 setup, and an assortment of high quality pre-amps and microphones for overdub and writing work. Monitoring is through Adam A7s and Dangerous/Hearback cue systems.The double French doors to the live room provide lots of line of sight to both B control, and the lounge. Studio B is equipped with plug-ins from Native Instruments, Waves, and UAD, and more.


Studio C

Drenched in sunlight, Studio C is a producer and mix engineer's dream. Recently overhauled, Studio C now features a custom Aurora Sidecar with the excellent Aurora summing and routing matrix, allowing us to mix and record as if working on a much larger analog console. Coupled to a UA Apollo 16, a fantastic selection of outboard gear, and Genelec 1032As and ATC Monitors all neatly integrated into a custom desk, Studio C and it's accompanying vocal/iso booth make for an excellent mixing room, and also a fantastic space for writing and production. Double insulated pane windows facing the lounge allow for line of sight to other players around the studio, and keep the space feeling open and accessible, while a large collection of virtual and real instruments keep the creativity flowing.